Five years ago today, I was sat in a hospital room in the city getting to know this little bundle they had handed me.  There are some distinct moments I remember from her birth like it only happened yesterday.  When I finally got to hold this baby of mine, I was in awe.  I was in love the moment I looked at her.  I also didn’t know how to hold a baby or swap from one arm to the other so I sat there for an hour with a dead arm till Dan returned and showed me how.  That little baby made me a mother.  She has taught me so much along the way.



I always joke that she came out in her own way and her own time, giving us a glimpse of her future personality.  There is no hurrying Alyssa, there is no getting her to do things in any way but her own.  She is strong willed and opinionated and yep, she is stubborn.  But at the same time, she is kind, and loving, and loyal.  She is sassy and bold and confident.

I know I don’t always get everything right with her, I shout and lose my patience, but then at the end of the day, when she curls her arms around my neck and whispers I love you, I figure I must be doing ok.

Today, she turned 5.

Happy birthday my darling, beautiful girl.


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